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The mission of the Superintendents’ Intensive Support and Innovation Service Center (ISIC) is to ensure that every LAUSD site receives the support and guidance it requires toward maintaining a safe and caring environment that supports learning and high student achievement.

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Daryl Narimatsu, Administrator of Operations
333 S. Beaudry Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90017
(213) 241-0167

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Aministrator Certification Resources 2013-2014

Administrator of Operations' Message


My name is Daryl Narimatsu and I am honored to be the new Administrator of Operations for ISIC. I have spent my entire educational career with the Los Angeles Unified School District. I have served as a teacher, assistant principal, Operations Coordinator for Local District I, principal, School Services Director for Local District 7 and Operations Coordinator for ESC West.

It is my vision to have my team work closely with all of you in a collaborative manner to ensure that every school is safe, clean, and welcoming for students to receive the best educational experience.  It is also my goal to collaborate with the Instructional unit to provide the needed support and resources. I strongly believe that we all need to work together, as a cohesive unit, to support one another so that the goals and targets set for this academic year can be attained.

I look forward to working with you as we move forward.  

Student Discipline Seminars

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School Directory

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Staff Directory




ADMINISTRATION                                TEL (213) 241-0167                             FAX (213) 241-2031

Daryl Narimatsu

Email:  daryl.narimatsu@lausd.net

Administrator of Operations

TEL (213) 241-0167

Ana Chung

Email: achung4@lausd.net

Administrative Assistant

TEL (213) 241-0167

Rosario Caballero

Email: rosario.caballero@lausd.net

Sr. Office Technician

TEL (213) 241-0167

Theresa Hernandez

Email: theresa.hernandez@lausd.net

Office Technician

TEL (213) 241-0167


OPERATIONS COORDINATORS        TEL (213) 241-0167                              FAX (213) 241-2031

Peter Benefiel

Email: peter.benefiel@lausd.net

Operations Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-0161

Irene Hyland

Email: ixh3811@lausd.net

Operations Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-2178

Alfredo Montes

Email: aam5154@lausd.net

Operations Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-0117

Rhonda Sparks

Email: rcs7742@lausd.net

Operations Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-0137

Richard Tardaguila

Email: richard.tardaguila@lausd.net

Lead Operations Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-1924

Al Webb

Email: awebb01@lausd.net

Operations Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-7860


CERTIFICATED ASSIGNMENTS and SUPPORT SERVICES                          FAX (213) 241-8410

William Masis

Email: william.masis@lausd.net


TEL (213) 241-2533

Vanessa Franklin          

Email: vanessa.franklin@lausd.net

HR Support Services Specialist

TEL (213) 241-6357

Gayle Glazer                 

Email: gayle.glazer@lausd.net

HR Special Education Itinerant Specialist

TEL (213) 241-6357

Karol Mills-Marbury      

Email: karol.marbury@lausd.net


TEL (213) 241-6384

Maura Crossin

Email: maura.crossin@lausd.net  


TEL (213) 241-6328

Danny Lo

Email: danny.lo@lausd.net  

Teacher Quality Specialist

TEL (213) 241-0185

Maria Salazar

Email: maria.salazar@lausd.net

HR Support Services Specialist

TEL (213) 241-6820


FISCAL                                                  TEL (213) 241-0105                             FAX (213) 241-2031

Michael Villaroman

Email: michael.villaroman@lausd.net

Fiscal Services Manager

TEL (213) 241-0143

Perfecto Bonsol

Email: perfecto.bonsol@lausd.net

Budget Technician

TEL (213) 241-0110

Carlos Fernandez

Email: carlos.m.fernandez@lausd.net

Fiscal Specialist

TEL (213) 241-1926

JoAnn Jackson

Email: joann.jackson@lausd.net

Fiscal Specialist

TEL (213) 241-1910

Sario-Andrew, Verma

Email: verma.sario@lausd.net

Fiscal Specialist

TEL (213) 241-1935

Todd Takashima

Email: todd.takashima@lausd.net

Fiscal Specialist

TEL (213) 241-0149

Pauline Tran

Email: pauline.tran@lausd.net

Fiscal Specialist

TEL (213) 241-7606

Aurelia Zamudio

Email: aurelia.zamudio@lausd.net

Fiscal Specialist

TEL (213) 241-1912




Vickey Conley

Email: vickey.conley@lausd.net


TEL (213) 241-0556

Mary Miranda

Email: mary.miranda@lausd.net

Sr. Office Technician

TEL (213) 241-0164


OFFICE OF EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE ACCOUNTABILITY                      TEL (213) 241-6056    

(formerly known as Staff Relations)                                                                FAX (213) 241-8405

Sandra Cruz

Email: scruz@lausd.net

Field Director – Office of Staff Relations

TEL (213) 241-8243

Sergio Franco

Email: sfran4@lausd.net

Field Director – Office of Staff Relations

TEL (213) 241-8257

Vince Mendoza

Email: vincent.mendoza@lausd.net 

Labor Representative (Classified)

TEL (213) 241-8248


ORGANIZATION FACILITATORS                                                                          FAX (213) 241-2031

Dellis Frank

Email: def5363@lausd.net

Organization Facilitator

TEL (213) 241-0168

Jackie Russell

Email: jacqueline.russell@lausd.net

Organization Facilitator

TEL (213) 241-0156


PUPIL SERVICES AND ATTENDANCE (PSA)     TEL (213) 241-0101            FAX (213) 241-2031

Valerie Corcoran

Email: valerie.corcoran@lausd.net

PSA Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-0158

Wanda SooHoo

Email: wanda.soohoo@lausd.net

PSA Counselor – T,W,TH

TEL (213) 241-3903

Rafael Rubalcava

Email: rafael.rubalcava@lausd.net

SARB Chairperson – North-East

TEL (213) 241-0162

Mario Vega

Email: mvega@lausd.net  

SARB Chairperson – South-West

TEL (213) 241-0192



Martha Marquez

Email: martha.marquez@lausd.net

School Mental Health Coordinator

TEL (213) 241-2612

Maria Chua, LCSW

Email: mchua1@lausd.net

School Mental Health Consultant

TEL (213) 241-3906





Today: 9/21/20

Child Abuse Training Due March 17, 2014

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We support the School Wide Positive Behavior Support Policy!

We support the School Wide Behavior Support Policy!